Mass shootings in the US

Feb 15, 2018 | Chart | Map | US

Unfortunately another day and another mass shooting in the US (In Florida this time). The website compiles all the public data available of those type of incidents in the news and the numbers are staggering. Just this year 86 people have been killed and 142 wounded on those type of incidents. The charts above show how this affect every single state on that country.

Is it time now to discuss sensible gun control laws? or how many more are needed?

Vue.js very popular in the last year

Aug 13, 2017 | Chart | It | Programming Languages

Some weeks ago when I finished working, I was about to leave the building and I saw in the wall a sheet of paper with information about a vue.js meetup here in Berlin. I thought I have never heard about this vue.js and the more I read, the more interested I became into this front-end javascript framework.

Google Search trends show vue.js has been the post popular framework in the last 12 months. Vue.js is self described as “a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable”. I gave it a go and it’s quite interesting.

Average Internet Connection Speed

Jun 08, 2017 | Internet | World | Chart | Map

The content delivery company Akami publishes an State of the Internet report where it’s possible to get an internet connection speeds and broadband adoption by country. On this dataset is not surprising that South Korea is on top of the chart:

Followed by Norway and Sweden. Most of the South American and African countries are still behind.

Uk general election 2017 Polls

May 31, 2017 | Chart | Uk | Politics

When Theresa May announced her intention to seek a general election back in April, the conservative lead on the polls over labor was around 21%. As you can see in the graph above this lead has been shrinking over time. It’s very interesting to see what is going to happen in this election next month.

EU Balance Trade

Apr 01, 2017 | Chart | Map | Europe

Eurostats offers a balance of trade dataset showing the trade surplus and deficit of each one of the European Union members. Germany is still the country with the highest surplus, compared to France and the UK that have the highest deficits:

Percentage Arable Land per Person

Feb 10, 2017 | World | Chart | Food

Data from the World Bank shows that the percentage. of arable land per person has been steadily decreasing since the 1960’s until now.

Trump Unfavorable Ratings

Jan 24, 2017 | Chart | Usa | Politics

The polls aggregates from Real Clear Politics shows that Trump opinion has never been more favorable than unfavorable. In fact it has been reported he assumed office as one of the most unpopular presidents in the modern history. The trend show it’s again down after a short increase following the election.

2016 Hottest Year Ever

Jan 18, 2017 | Chart | Climate | World

It’s very unfortunate but not surprising that 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded. NASA revealed the consolidated reports and the data doesn’t lie. Global warming is quite real. See the average by season chart.

Live births in Switzerland

Jan 17, 2017 | Chart | Switzerland

Wikipedia has a useful page with a lot of stats about Switzerland Statistics. The chart above shows the number of live births per year. Very relevant information today.

Unemployment Rate in Europe

Jan 9, 2017 | Chart | Map | Europe | Economics

Eurostat updated its unemployment rates figures // Iceland has one the lowest unemployment rate in Europe (followed by the Czechia and Germany), while Greece still have the highest, followed by Spain.

CO2 Emissions per country

Jan 8, 2017 | Chart | Climate | World

The European Union EDGAR database contains useful information about the CO2 emissions per country and worldwide. The previous graph shows the country with the highest CO2 Emissions (USA and China) and the total Emissions world wide. It’s inside the spike the world experienced since 2000.

A 2016 resolution achieved

Jan 1, 2017 | Meta | Chart | Basel

At the end of January last year I mentioned that one of my resolutions was undust my social accounts and to update them on a regular basis and to keep a blog with the most interesting updates I post on those social profiles or to write about anything that comes to my mind. At the beginning my plan was to update the blog every 3 or 4 days and even if I haven’t been able to update it as regularly as I wanted to, still I have been able to keep posting maps, graphs and pictures. As you can see in the the chart above this was particularly true when I started this blog and during the summer time.

What is interesting is that looking back at the post I published during last year I can remember where I was and what has happening in the world. This helps me to create a year in review from my blogging perspective:

  • On the 19th of the December there was a terrorist attack in Berlin: A truck was deliberately driven into the Christmas market beside Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, killing and injuring many visitors. The day after I wrote about the significance of the xmas markets to me and how terrorism was not going to change that.
  • On November I blogged for the third time about how the earth temperature measured by NASA was the highest ever throughout the year. I think I will keep discussing it this year vis-a-vis the Trump presidency and his global warming denial advisors.

    I also wrote on that month how this election had been another Poll Miss, with his completely unexpected victory.
  • In October I had the opportunity to attend for the second time to the Berlin Festival of LIghts and took a couple of pictures during the event this year.
  • At the beginning of October Colombia voted for the plebiscite regarding the peace process with the Farc guerrillas and surprisingly the voters rejected the agreement for a tiny margin. I posted a map showing how the most affected regions voted yes.
  • In September I had the opportunity to visit the Canary Islands for the first time with my girlfriend. I had a great time and I was able to take many pictures during the week I spend there
  • In August I visited the amazing Iceland for the first time and even if it was a short trip I loved this place. I definitively would like to come back again one day:
  • Also in August the RIo Summer Olympics took place and blogged about the Medals Table after a couple of days. Usa, Great Britain and China ended up on the top of the table once the tournament was over.
  • July was the month of the Pokemon GO madness and I posted a chart showing how the wikipedia views of the pokemon article completely spiked during those days. The same month Portugal won the Euro Football Cup for the first time.
  • At the beginning of the month I also posted a chart about the number of black people killed in the US by cops and the reason behind the black lives matter movement on that country.
  • On June we had the opportunity to attend a Coldplay concert with my GF in Berlin and I saw the famous Olympic Stadium from inside. Unfortunately this month also came with a terrorist attack in the Istanbul airport.
  • June was also a very bad month for the European Union with Great Britain voting to leave this institution. I posted a chart with a breakdown because the Exit camp won but London, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain.. I also wrote on that month an update on the ZIka virus issue affecting my hometown and Brazil
  • In May I wrote how the inflation in Venezuela was going up the roof. Unfortunately the economic situation is still very dire in this South American country.
  • I wrote in April about how the world was becoming Obese with a map showing the percentage of the population with overweight and obesity across the World and I discussed how this problem was particularly bad in the pacific islands.
  • At the end of March I discussed how I had finished my career break in Asia one year ago. Later on during the year I moved this blog to the node.js platform where this blog lives as well and undusted a post about the week I spent in Ko Lanta

    Also in March I have the opportunity to go back to Dublin to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the easter rising.
  • In February I blogged about the Abortion Restriction Laws in the US and how it has become harder and harder in southern states endangering the health of this female population.
  • I also posted in February a Map showing the most dangerous cities in the world in terms of murder rate. Unfortunately most of those are in Latin America.
  • Finally in January I made a post about the Gun Ownership in the US, showing how it's crazy that the country has more guns that people.

So that was very quick summary of what I blogged last year. Looking forward to keep doing it in 2017.

Trump tremendous defeat in California

Dec 29, 2016 | Usa | Chart | Politics

Looking at the final 2016 US presidential election results, it’s remarkable how bad trump lost in California. 8.7 million vs 4.4 million votes. It’s not surprising that on the days after the election the #calexit hashtag started to trend. Clinton won the popular vote, so many Americans will feel underrepresented based on the electoral college system they have in place, but nowhere this is more dramatic than in California.

Personal Money Transfers in the EU

Dec 11, 2016 | Europe | Economy | Chart

Interesting dataset from Eurostats regarding personal transfer inflow / outflow across the European Union. On one hand France has biggest negative balance and on the other side Poland has the biggest positive one.

Insane Irish GDP Growth

Nov 21, 2016 | Europe | Ireland | Chart

This morning I was checking the GDP growth data in the European nations and I found out that last year it was particularly high in Malta, Czechia, Iceland and Sweden … but in Ireland it was insane!. An interesting article from The Irish Times, explains how despite this number being statistically correct it’s due to huge multinational companies moving assets to their Irish branches, for tax reasons.

Global Warming Reminder

Nov 15, 2016 | World | Chart | It

Not surprising. The earth temperature measured by NASA in September was the highest ever warmest month. // This follows the same pattern as every month this year. The Paris climate agreement clearly recognized the wide impact of Global Warming, but with the recent results of the US Elections, this issue needs to be raised all the time.

Last US presidential polls

Nov 7, 2016 | Usa | Chart | Politics

Alright, the last 4 way presidential polls still put Clinton slightly ahead. Crossing the fingers the lead will hold. Yesterday the FBI director sent a letter clarifying there was nothing new in the emails from last week, so I hope the voters in the US will be able to compare the flaws of the democratic nominee against the real sexists, racist, protectionist and xenophobic positions of the Republican nominee.

Android vs IOS market share 2016

Nov 1, 2016 | World | Chart | It

I haven’t checked the Mobile OS market share in a while. According to net market share Android has 68.5% and IOS has 25.8% in the last month. I’m curious how this will be affected with the whole Note 7 issue. But still it’s impressive the growth compared with just 2 years ago.

Halloween Interest in the World

Oct 31, 2016 | Map | Chart | Halloween

The Halloween query data from Google Search Trends shows some interesting points. The countries most interested in this tradition originated from Celtic harvest festivals are the US, Canada and Ireland

On the other hand the search queries for halloween always spiked a week before the actual celebration (Looking for costumes).

R vs Python in Data Science

Oct 29, 2016 | It | Programming Languages | Chart

I have been using Python for many years and I recognize how powerful it is with libraries like Pandas and Scikit-Learn for Data Science. In a previous I have the opportunity to use R, but I haven’t touched it in a while. I was curious to see what is the interest between in R vs Python in the Google Search Trends and you can see the graph above plotted with this data source.

Most popular Javascript Frameworks

Oct 17, 2016 | It | Programming Languages | Chart

Last weekend I finish converting the FX calculator I developed during my career break to React.js. I have briefly touched some code at work but I wanted to get my hands dirty and understand better the advantages and the challenges of this library.

I was also checking today some interesting Google Trends data about the most popular Javascript frameworks in terms of search interest and React is definitively winning the interest war.

Clinton vs Trump First Debate

Sep 29, 2016 | Usa | Chart | Politics

According to Nielsen, the presidential debates number of viewers are out, for the first debate between Trump and Clinton, and this was the most viewed debate in the history of the presidential debates (84 Million viewers). The second closest was the one that happened in 1980 between Reagan and Carter.

Search engines global market share

Sep 6, 2016 | World | Chart | It

I haven’t checked the global search engines market share in a while because clearly Google dominates in almost every country but yesterday I heard an interesting podcast on BBC about the power of Google and I was curious about the position of the 2nd and 3rd players. The chart above is generated with data from startcounter.

Wikimedia Visits by OS Family

Sep 2, 2016 | World | Chart | It

Alexa and Similar web rank Wikipedia as the 7th and 9th most visited site on the web, so the visit statistics produced by the foundation are a good proxy for getting data on the most popular platforms on the web. The previous chart shows the visits by OS family. As you can observe there windows 7 is the most popular desktop OS, but the mobile OS (Android and IOS) are responsible for almost 40% of the visits to those sites.

Global Warming Keeps Beating Records

Sep 1, 2016 | World | Climate | Chart

According to an article published in the Guardian, the earth is warming at a pace unprecedented in 1,000 years. I discussed this point already three times in this blog, but I think it’s worth to keep bring it up, because some people are not still convinced this is a real phenomenon.

Europe Crude Marriage Rate

Aug 17, 2016 | Europe | Chart | Population

The Eurostas office has an Interesting dataset containing the crude marriage rate data for the last decades across EU. It’s quite remarkable how even if Portugal has one of the lowest rates in EU, it used to be one of highest in the 70’s.

US Presidential Election Polls

Aug 16, 2016 | Usa | Chart | Politics

The US presidential election is far from over, since there are still some days ahead until November, but it’s comforting to see evidence in the polls that Trump’s divisive campaign is not ‘winning’ at all.

Population Change in Europe

Aug 5, 2016 | Europe | Chart | Population

Eurostats have an interesting dataset showing the population change across Europe including both the natural change and the net migration contribution. The graph above shows how the rapid decline trend is slowly reversing, but how migration is the main component of this change.

Unemployment Rate in Ireland

Aug 4, 2016 | Europe | Ireland | Chart

According to the central statistics office of ireland, the adjusted unemployment rate in the country during the last 2 months has been 7.8%. The trend is definitively going down. I blogged about it in January and it was more than 8% back then.

President Obama Approval Rate

Jul 28, 2016 | Usa | Chart | Politics

This morning I was reading in the fivethirtyeight site an interesting section dedicated to the US elections. They try to predict who will win the election based on the polls and historic data. They have been very accurate in the past so there are definitely an interesting source.

One of the articles linked on this site was a post titled why obama might be trump’s biggest challenge where they discussed how president Obama is enjoying a high approval rate. The chart above is generated with the Real Politics data they were mentioning in the post.

US Violent Crime Drop

Jul 25, 2016 | US | Crime | Chart

Last week tonight discussed how the RNC “fear” topic related to crime in the US was not backed by facts. The previous charts generated with FBI data support this.

React Trending

Jul 21, 2016 | It | Programming Languages | Chart

I was discussing it with a colleague a couple of days ago. The Facebook React is definitely going to stay around. Look on the previous graphs the wikipedia page views increase during the last year and the trend increase in stackoverflow.

Pokemon Go Madness

Jul 13, 2016 | Usa | Chart | Games

Last Monday we were chatting at the office how everybody is talking about this new augmented reality game: Pokemon Go. In a nutshell this game "allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world". I was checking the WIkipedia trends about the Pokemon page and its popularity has increased exponentially during the last 3 days.

Black Lives Matter

Jul 9, 2016 | Usa | Social | Chart

One of the most commented topics on the news this week were 2 separate incidents where black men were shot in what appear to be an excessive use of force by the police. Unfortunately these type of incidents have been a constant during the last years and that have led to the creation of Black Lives Matter, “an international activist movement, originating in the African-American community, that campaigns against violence toward black people”

The guardian newspaper has a very interesting section where they track the total number of people killed in fatal shootings by the police in the US both in total and per million habitants. Using this data is clear that people from the black race proportionally died more frequently in those incidents than any other race in 2015 (and next to native americans in 2016).

If you read the numbers you will see the movement definitely has a point.

Unemployment In Europe

Jul 5, 2016 | Europe | Chart | Economics

The charts above contain unemployment data extracted from the Eurostat data sources. Even if the trend is going down it still quite high in countries such as Spain and Greece.

Iceland Population

Jul 3, 2016 | Europe | Chart | Iceland

Iceland Population. It's amazing how such a small country was able to go so far in the Eurocup. Well done Iceland!

Wikipedia brexit trends

Jun 27, 2016 | Europe | Chart | UK

In the aftermath of the UK referendum on the European Union, the news media were discussing how there was a "regret" feeling and how the biritish people were trying to understand what they have voted for. If you look at the wikipedia trends about the UK Brexit and Irish Passport articles it seems to confirm this point.

Brexit breakdown results per region

Jun 26, 2016 | Europe | Chart | UK

The chart above contains a breakdown per region of the brexit vote results. In a nutshell England and Wales voted to leave (with the exception of london) and Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain.

Colombians living abroad

Jun 25, 2016 | Colombia | Chart | Map

Wikipedia contains an interesting article about emigration from Colombia. It has a constant phenomenon for political and economic reasons. The map and chart above shows the preferred destinations for the Colombians are USA, Venezuela, Ecuador and Canada. The data is a bit stale but nevertheless interesting.

Browser usage

Jun 23, 2016 | It | Chart

Browser usage according to the Wikipeida article on browser usage and the global stats reported by W3Counter. Not surprising Chrome is the most popular browser today and fortunately IE is in a complete decline.

Brexit Polls

Jun 21, 2016 | Europe | Chart | UK

According to this wikipedia article that tracks all the polls related to the British referendum on the European Union membership (Brexit), it's going to be a close call even if the remain vote has been gaining ground in the last days.

In the last episode of last week tonight, John Oliver summarised quite nicely why leaving the European Union would such a bad deal for the United Kingdom. Crossing the fingers.

Update on the Zika virus in America

Jun 18, 2016 | America | Chart | Health

According to the Panamerican Health Organization, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Martinique are the countries most affected by Zika, based on the cummulative incident suspected and confirmed cases. Brazil is by far the most affected country with more than 148k cases suspected and almost 40k cases confirmed.

The Most Bike Friendly Cities

Jun 13, 2016 | Europe | Chart | Transportation

Amsterdam and Copenhagen are the most bike friendliest cities in the World based on the Copenhagenize Index

Europe Death Statistics

Jun 8, 2016 | Europe | Chart | Health

Eurostat has a dataset with statistics on causes of death in the European Union (EU). The highest rate happened in the baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania and Heart disease is the leading cause of death across Europe.

Newspaper jobs trend

Jun 4, 2016 | Usa | Chart | Economy

Some people were sharing an article today written with data coming from a very interesting US of Labor Statistics dataset, showing the publishing jobs trends.

The data shows how the information technology had a very important impact in the traditional publishing jobs, particularly in the newspaper industry, during the last 25 years.

US Wealth Redistribution through taxes

Jun 1, 2016 | Usa | Chart | Economy

The Bernie Sanders campaign describe on his campaign website on the section Income Inequality of how Wall Street and the billionaire class has rigged the rules to redistribute wealth and income to the wealthiest and most powerful people of this country.

The white house publishes different data tables related to the collected taxes and one of them shows the percentage paid by the individuals and corporations as percentage of the GDP over time.

Plotting this data in a time series shows that vermont senator clearly has a point.

Europe Population Structure

May 25, 2016 | Europe | Chart | Population

The european union statistical office has an interesting article related to the impact of demographic ageing within the European Union (EU). One of the data tables shows the breakdown of the population in the ages 0-14 years, 15-64 and more than 65. The previous chart shows this breakdown by country in the 0-14 and +65 brackets. It's interesting how Ireland is the youngest country by far.

Inflation in Venezuela

May 22, 2016 | America | Chart | Economy

I was reading today in the news that the Vezuelan economy is in real troubles with an inflation going up to the roof and a lot of shortages even in the most basic products. It's sad that the country with one of the biggest oil reserves in the world is in such a bad shape. The IMF publishes data about the inflation and even if the newest data is from 2014 you can see the upward trend.

The world is becoming obese

Apr 9, 2016 | World | Map | Chart | Health

A recent article published by the lancet magazine shows that obesity is becoming a real world health problem above the underweight issue. They used population-based data sources, with more than 19·2 million adult participants in 186 of 200 countries and found out that the number of obese people has increased from 105 million in 1975 to 641 million in 2014.

The world health organization also publishes data about Obesity and Overweight and the percentage of population with overweight (BMI > 25) is more than half of the population in almost all the industralized countries in the world:

This problem is particularly bad in the pacific islands.

Acquisition Of Irish Citizenship Statistics

Apr 2, 2016 | Europe | Ireland | Chart | Treemap

The european union stats office publishes interesting statistics related to the acquisition of citizenship in the EU. Yesterday it was the anniversary of my Irish one, so I pulled out some stats related to the green island.

The first chart shows the increase in the number of new citizens from 2011, when the goverment streamlined the process of reviewing the applications, cutting a very important backlog.

The data has some additional information about the origin of the naturalised citizens both from the EU and Non-EU countries:

Living in Europe with an European passport defintively makes life way easier, so thank you very much Ireland.

Aircraft Hijacking Statistics

Mar 30, 2016 | World | Chart | Security

Last night when I was reading about the EgyptAir hijacking I was thinking that fortunately these type of incidents are now very rare. I remember when I was a kid that these was one of the cliches in the American movies of the 80’s (ie. Delta Force), but with the tough security measures in place in most of the airports, this doesn’t happen as often.

Wikipedia has a detailed compilation on the aircraft hijacking incidents and there is defintively a decrease compared to the peak on the 70s.

Tourism In The American Continent

Mar 21, 2016 | America | Map | Chart

Last weekend I was checking out different alternatives for holidays in the American continent and I started to wonder what is the most visited country on that region. US and Mexico are the most visited countries. Brazil and Argentina are the most visited in South America and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

The following chart shows the number of visitors in millions during 2014 (light green) and 2013 (dark green)

Another Global Warming Record

Mar 14, 2016 | World | Climate | Chart

Back in February I wrote on this blog how the world was really warming up and the data from February 2016 is even worst. The NASA reported that this month had the biggest temperature raise recorded in modern history:

Again the world is warming up!

Asylum Seekers In Europe

Mar 7, 2016 | Europe | Chart | Politics | Social

Asylum is defined as the protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee, mainly for fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion. The raging conflict in Syria there has been sharp increase in the number of refugees coming to Europe.

The last quarterly data report by Eurostat demonstrates this upwards trend. Germany and Sweden have been the countries who have welcomed the highest number of asylum seekers.

Top Operating Systems In Desktop And Mobile

Mar 4, 2016 | World | Chart | It

I haven't check the operating systems market share in Desktop and Mobile and based on the data from starcounter the usual suspects: Windows and Android dominate in each sector respectively.

European Passenger Train Percentage

Feb 18, 2016 | Europe | World | Chart

Last december I have a slight problem with my ear and unfortunately I wasn’t able to fly for a little while. I was glad there is an amazing train system in Europe, so I had alternative to travel from an to Berlin. Here is a chart with percentage of train transportation percentage by country in Europe, coming from a dataset published by the European Stats office:

I have been lucky enough to use the trains on all those countries.

Top Wine Producing Countries In The World

Feb 13, 2016 | World | Food | Map | Chart

Yesterday I finished the week with a couple of nice wine glasses from Portugal. This morning when I woke up and I was looking at the bottle, I started to ask myself what are the top counties in the world in terms of wine production. I thought about France?, Italy?, Spain?.

Fortunatelly wikipedia has an article with data coming from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), sorting the countries by their volume of wine production for the year 2013 in metric tonnes.

There are no suprises in the Top 3 positions (they are indeed France, Italy and Spain), but it's interesting how China has climbed to the 6th position, above Argentina and Australia:

World Is Warming Up

Feb 9, 2016 | World | Climate | Chart

Last sunday it was really warm here in Berlin. I was able to get on my bike and do a nice ride to the north part of the city. Nevertheless I remembered some data I read back in January about how the world is really warming up:

This winter has been really mild in Berlin.

Cities By Murder Rate.

Feb 7, 2016 | World | Map | Chart

The Economist published a couple of days ago in their daily chart section an interesting graph with the most violent cities in the world (in terms of homicide rate). They have an analysis on how the Venezuelan economy is in turmoil and how according to a Mexican report “Venezuela’s capital Caracas had the highest murder rate in the world last year”

Wikipedia also offers a page compiling a List of cities by murder rate. Unfortunately most of the Top 50 cities from this list are located in South America (and many of those in Brazil!). Take a look at the following chart and map:

US Presidential Democratic Primaries

Feb 6, 2016 | Usa | Politics | Chart

Last night I was reading in Business Insider the headline about how Bernie Sanders just melted away a 30-point Hillary Clinton lead in a new poll, related to the US presidential elections. Wikipedia has a useful article where they track the different polls for both parties. The results of those polls are reported here on that page: Democratic Primaries.

It's true that the last poll conducted by the Quinnipiac University shows a preference of: Clinton: 44% and Sanders 42%, and with a 4.5% margin of error, they are virtually tied. There is even a newer one performed by "Reuter/Ipsos" showing a similar trend: Clinton: 48% and Sanders 45% (with a 5% margin of error).

It's fascinating to see how this candidate without any of the infamous superpacs behind him has been able to attrack so much attention and how it has become a real contender in the US 2016 presidential elections.

US 30 Year Mortgage Rates

Feb 5, 2016 | Usa | Chart

This morning I was reading on the news how the “Average 30-year mortgage rate falls for a 5th straight week” (3.72%)>. I was checking if the data was available to double check this headline. Fortunately the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis offers this data set on their website. It’s called MORTGAGE30US and the data goes back all the way to 1971.

Looking at the data it's true that the 30-year mortgage rate has been falling during the last couple of weeks. Nevertheless it's not the lowest point in the graph. Actually last year, around the same time it was even lower (3.59%):

Foreign Europeans In Berlin

Feb 1, 2016 | Europe | Berlin | Map | Chart

Following my post yesterday I kept digging in the data published by the Statistical Office of Berlin-Brandenburg. I wanted to discover where most of the “Foreign” Europeans living in Berlin come from. Since the European Union agreement allows the free movement of people across the state members I was expecting that the number 1 slot was going to be taken by a country within the EU borders. Actually it’s Turkey the place with most immigrants living in Berlin with almost 100k people:

Now the second and third positions are from countries from the European Union: Poland and Italy. This is followed by one of the newcomers in the union: Bulgaria.

South Americans In Berlin

Jan 31, 2016 | South America | Berlin | Map | Chart

The Statistical Office of Berlin-Brandenburg publish some very interesting reports including: Einwohnerinnen und Einwohner im Land Berlin (Residents in the State of Berlin, 31 December 2014). One of the remarkable sections of this document, is about the country of origin, of the foreign residents living in Berlin. It offers a break down per continents, regions and countries, so I was curious about the top countries in South America:

I'm not surprised to discover Brazil (3948 people) is the top #1 on the list but I wasn't expecting that Colombia (1527) was going to be second one in that region. Interesting.

IOS vs Android Market Share.

Jan 27, 2016 | It | Chart

Yesterday I was reading the news about the Apple: On Tuesday they reported the financial results of their fiscal first quarter. One of the conclusions from this event is that even if they had records on profits, on the other hand the iPhone sales rose less than 1 percent from a year earlier.

I was checking the Mobile & Table operating systems market share data published by and this trend downwards is clear:

I never owned an iPhone. I really like the quality of the hardware and software produced by this company (In fact I'm writing this post on a macbook air), but I don't like the closed restricted ecosystem associated to their business model. It's refreshing to see so many different android devices on the market.

Unemployment In Ireland

Jan 25, 2016 | Europe | Ireland | Chart

The central office of statistics in Ireland website has some interesting data tables that can downloaded, so yesterday I decided to pull out the unemployment data and plot it.

I was curious because when I arrived to the country the economy was doing really good, but I saw the changes during the crisis of 08. I thought it would be interesting to see what happened in the last years. Even if the unemployment level hasn't reached yet the numbers of 2005, I think the trend is definitively positive.