Chronic Diabetes in the EU

Nov 13, 2017 | Map | Europe | Health

Eurostat has an interesting page were they describe how around 30 million people suffer from diabetes in the European Union. It’s surprising how France is the country with the highest population of persons suffering the disease.

World Drug Related Deaths

Aug 21, 2017 | Map | World | Health

Last week a friend of mine an Anesthesiologist friend of mine was on TV discussing how in the US the opiods abuse has created a huge crisis. I was searching the web for statistics about this subject and I found a 2017 report published by the United Nations Office on drugs and crime that shows that the US indeed has the highest mortality rate related to drugs by far. Those deaths are related mainly to Opiods so the public discussion about this subject is definitely worth it.

Tobacco consumption per capita

Jun 01, 2017 | Maps | World | Health

Yesterday it was the No tobacco day, an event setup by the member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1987. This day serves as a good reminder about what is the tobacco consumption world wide. The dataset available in wikipedia shows that China is the biggest consumer in the world. Unfortunately this consumption is on the rise on the developing nations.

Polio Vaccination Coverage

Apr 13, 2017 | Map | World | Health

The world health organization has some datasets related to the immnunization coverage around the world.. The map above is generated with the estimates related to Polio. As you can see in the cases of Ukraine, Syria and South Sudan the conflicts don’t only destroy people’s lifes but also decreases the immunization coverage massively.

Percentage of Europeans that do excersise

Mar 5, 2017 | Maps | Europe | Health

Eurostats has an interesting dataset with the time spent excersising per country in Europe. It’s not surprising that on the top of the list of the countries that excersises 2.5h or more are the Scandinavian countries: Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden are on the top of the list. Way to go Scandinavia!

Update on the Zika virus in America

Jun 18, 2016 | America | Chart | Health

According to the Panamerican Health Organization, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Martinique are the countries most affected by Zika, based on the cummulative incident suspected and confirmed cases. Brazil is by far the most affected country with more than 148k cases suspected and almost 40k cases confirmed.

Europe Death Statistics

Jun 8, 2016 | Europe | Chart | Health

Eurostat has a dataset with statistics on causes of death in the European Union (EU). The highest rate happened in the baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania and Heart disease is the leading cause of death across Europe.

The world is becoming obese

Apr 9, 2016 | World | Map | Chart | Health

A recent article published by the lancet magazine shows that obesity is becoming a real world health problem above the underweight issue. They used population-based data sources, with more than 19·2 million adult participants in 186 of 200 countries and found out that the number of obese people has increased from 105 million in 1975 to 641 million in 2014.

The world health organization also publishes data about Obesity and Overweight and the percentage of population with overweight (BMI > 25) is more than half of the population in almost all the industralized countries in the world:

This problem is particularly bad in the pacific islands.

Most And Less Common Blood Type

Mar 2, 2016 | World | Heatmap Table | Health

When I was at school I learned the blood type 0+ was the most common one and AB- the rarest one. Wikipedia has a good article about this information with a breakdown by country.

O+ and A+ are the most common ones and AB- is the least common:.

Abortion Restriction Laws In The US

Feb 26, 2016 | Usa | Map | Health | Politics

The last episode of the excellent show Last Week tonight from John Oliver dealt with a very contentious issue in the US: <a href="//". I really like the approach that he took on this matter, acknowledging there are different positions on this topic, but hammering the “hypocritical” laws that under the umbrella of protecting the “Women’s health” target="_blank">The abortion laws crear barriers for people who need this medical procedure and unfortunately don’t have the money to go somewhere else.

The next map shows the US states that had enacted laws to force the women requiring an abortion for see an ultrasound on the unwanted pregnancy:

Prevalence Of Aids / HIV

Feb 21, 2016 | South America | Map | Health

I saw an editorial piece last weekend on the guardian where the author asked the question: If condoms are OK for Zika, why not Aids, Pope Francis? and I thought it’s true the HIV Virus / AIDS infection is rarely mentioned in the news nowadays. There have been a huge progress in the HIV / Aids treatments, since the times I was a medical student, but the prevalence of HIV (the percentage of a population that is affected with a the virus at a given time), is still bad, particularly in Subsaharian Africa:

2016 Outbreak Of The Zika Virus.

Jan 29, 2016 | South America | Health | Map

I have to confess I have never heard about the Zika virus, until it started to read about it in some Colombian newspapers articles a couple of weeks ago. The outbreak of this virus in South America and the Caribbean has been in the international news lately because the infection in pregnant women is unfortunately associated to microcephaly cases.

The incidence of those malformations have increased substantially in Brazil and it's apparently related to the Zika, so there are now travel warnings in place to the countries affected by this virus: