Uk general election 2017 Polls

May 31, 2017 | Chart | Uk | Politics

When Theresa May announced her intention to seek a general election back in April, the conservative lead on the polls over labor was around 21%. As you can see in the graph above this lead has been shrinking over time. It's very interesting to see what is going to happen in this election next month.

A head full of dreams in Berlin

Jul 1, 2016 | Music | Picture | Uk

Two days ago. Amazing Coldplay concert in the Olympia Stadium in Berlin.

Top UK artists in history

Jun 30, 2016 | Music | Charts | Uk

Interesting chart about the top UK selling music acts in history. Data from wikipedia

Wikipedia brexit trends

Jun 27, 2016 | Europe | Chart | Uk

In the aftermath of the UK referendum on the European Union, the news media were discussing how there was a "regret" feeling and how the biritish people were trying to understand what they have voted for. If you look at the wikipedia trends about the UK Brexit and Irish Passport articles it seems to confirm this point.

Brexit breakdown results per region

Jun 26, 2016 | Europe | Chart | Uk

The chart above contains a breakdown per region of the brexit vote results. In a nutshell England and Wales voted to leave (with the exception of london) and Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain.

Scotland voted to stay in the European Union

Jun 24, 2016 | Europe | Scotland | Picture | Uk

It's shocking the UK decided to leave the European Union, but on the other hand Scotland voted clearly in favour of the UK staying in the EU by 62% to 38% - with all 32 council areas backing Remain. Heading towards a new Scottish independence referendum?

Brexit Polls

Jun 21, 2016 | Europe | Chart | Uk

According to this wikipedia article that tracks all the polls related to the British referendum on the European Union membership (Brexit), it's going to be a close call even if the remain vote has been gaining ground in the last days.

In the last episode of last week tonight, John Oliver summarised quite nicely why >>>leaving the European Union>"" would such a bad deal for the United Kingdom. Crossing the fingers.

Brexit And The European Union Membership

Feb 23, 2016 | Europe | Uk | Map | Politics

Yesterday at the office we were discussing the issue about the possibility of the UK leaving the European Union. Actually we wrote in our company blog, what this brexit would mean for European workers, some time ago. But with all this brexit discussion, we forget the UK is actually one of the oldest members of the European Union (1973).

You can check this map in detail here

Decline In Handwriting And Postal Volume

Feb 12, 2016 | World | Usa | Uk

Yesterday evening I was listening a really cool Freakonomics podcast episode titled How needs handwriting . Stephen Dubner discussed the pros and cons of handwriting, its origins and the emphasis is still given in the high school system. Quite interesting.

I started to think that I use hand writing at work to draw schemas about the different pieces of a project or task that I need to accomplish, but it definitely has been a while since the last time I wrote a proper hand written letter.

I'm wanted to check if there was data about postal volume, because I guess the decline in handwriting has an impact on these numbers. I found two interesting sources:

  • >>>UK Postal Museum>""
  • >>>US Postal Services>""

Both sites show a decline in the number of total mail send. The decline is particularly dramatic after 2005: