COVID-19 Surges in CA, FL and TX

Jul 21, 2020 | Graph | Usa | Health | Covid19

The US has more than 3.7 Million confirmed cases of Covid-19 cases and it's therefore the country with the highest number of those in the world. What it has been in the news lately is how states that rushed up to reopen as quickly as possible such as Texas and Florida, have an steady and exponencial increase on the total number of cases.

Next to California, who has seen also a sharp increase in the number cases, mainly in Los Angeles county, those states are getting closer to match the numbers of New York. It feels like a cautionary tale, that "going back to normal", won't as the precovid-19 normal until there is an effective vaccine or treatment in place.

Fortunately the an mRNA vaccine trial preliminary report in the NEJM stated the vaccine induced anti–SARS-CoV-2 immune responses in all participants, and no trial-limiting safety concerns were identified. Crossing the fingers for the next phases of those promising results.

COVID-19: 4m Cases Worldwide

May 10. 2020 | World | Map | Health | Covid-19

Last easter holidays I setup this COVID-19 dashboard in one of my personal domains to follow the cases around the world, particularly in Europe. I used the data provided by the Johns Hopkins university, in particular their daily cases, death and recoveries time series. Using those data points and doing some data wrangling it’s possible to get a lot of insights about what’s currently happening in the world.

The last time I blogged about this topic was exactly one month ago and there have been a lot developments since then:

  • In April I mentioned the US has become the new epicenter of the COVID-19 Pandemia and that’s still the case, but on a different scale. With over 1.3 million active cases, the United States accounts for 32.5% of all cases worldwide today. The situation in New York City is much better than it was then, but there are now multiple cases in rural areas, particularly in towns with meat processing plants
  • The situation in the United Kingdom is dire as well. As of yesterday they have reported 31.3k deaths and 216.5k active cases.and they have less than 1k patients recovered from the disease. Famously Boris Johnson got infected himself, required hospitalization and even ICU admission for a couple of days.
  • In contrast Germany has been recognized as of the countries who has dealt with the Pandemic in a responsilbe way using a scientific based approach. There are still in the list of the Top 10 countries most affected by the disease but the death rate has been really low, during the evolution of the pandemia.
  • The Kiwi strategy has been one of the most succesful ones in the world. A headline in the prestigious Lancet magazine summarises all: New Zealand eliminates COVID-19. The administratrion of Jacinda Ardern couldn't be more proud of their decisions!.

COVID19: More than 1.5 millon cases

Apr 10, 2020 | World | Map | Health | Covid19

Talking about exponencial growth ... back on the 31st of January, when I heard the novel corona virus mentioned in the news I blogged abpit how there were "9776 cases confirmed affecting 20 countries already, with the vast majority in China", regarding this '2019-nCoV' virus as it was known back then.

2.5 months later, this number has jumped to more than 1.5 millon cases, becoming a pandemic, affecting most of the nations in the world. Italy and Spain were hard hit, as well as the US, country that has become by far the new epicenter of this disease.

The strict social distancing rules have slowed down the transmission in the communities adopting this measures (with the unfortunate side effect of paralyzing the economies). Let's cross the fingers all those efforts will contain this nasty virus.

83k COVID19 Cases in the US

Mar 27, 2020 | World | Map | Health | Covid-19

The COVID-19 cases continue to climb in the world and the United States of America clearly has become the new epicenter with 85,991 confirmed cases, 18,050 more compared with the previous day. They really need to setup a working national policy!

COVID-19 307k Cases World Wide

Mar 22, 2020 | World | Map | Health | Covid-19

According to the latest data aggregated by the John Hopkins university world cases dashboard, there are 307277 COVID-19 confirmed cases in the world. Europe is still an epicenter of the disease with more than 50k cases in Italy, but also more than 10k cases in France, Germany and Spain.

There are more death cases reported in Italy (4825) than they were repored during in China (3265). The US has the highest number of active cases (26747) after Italy.

In many places of the world there are measures in place to encourage or force people to stay home. Please stay safe!

COVID-19 Cases in Europe

Mar 14, 2020 | Europe | Map | Health | Covid-19

According to the WHO, Europe has become the new epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic as the deadly coronavirus runs through Italy and nearby countries including Germany, Switzerland and France. It's the same situation in Spain where the total number of cases increased dramatically during the last 2 days, leading the goverment to set in place drastic measures for force slowing down the transmission of the virus.

COVID-19 Worldwide Cases

Mar 03, 2020 | Map | World | Health | Covid-19

One month ago I was blogging about how the 2019-nCoV coronavirus had been in the news headlines lately because of the human-to-human transmission and its rapid spread both in China and outside its borders.

At the end of January there were 9776 confirmed cases in China, but one month later this number is around 80k and Iran, South Korea and Italy have become additional geographical points with more than 1k cases.

The COVID-19 Virus as it’s called now, it’s a public issue all around the world and prevenive measures will have to be in place to slowdown the spread of this disease.

The following animation from wikipedia shows how the virus have been spreading fast in a couple of months.

Again for reference this is the John Hopkins university world cases dashboard, using the most recent data available.

Corona Virus (2019-nCoV) Cases

Jan 31, 2020 | Map | World | Health | Covid-19

The 2019-nCoV coronavirus have been in the news headlines lately because of the human-to-human transmission and its rapid spread both in China and outside its borders. This virus apparently originated in animals and it was first identified in seafood and animals markets in Wuhan, China

As of yesterday there are 9776 cases confirmed affecting 20 countries already, with the vast majority in China. The John Hopkins university is maintining this world cases dashboard, using the most recent data available.

2019 Measles Outbreak in the US

May 04, 2019 | Map | Usa | Health

According to the CDC website there have been multiple cases of measles confirmed in 22 separate US states. This a sad figure given the fact that Measles was declared eliminated in 2000 across the United States. The misinformation promoted by the anti-vaxxer movement is having detrimental effects on the epidemiology of this highly contagious, yet preventable disease.

Measles Cases Map 2018

Feb 06, 2019 | Map | World | Health

Chronic Diabetes in the EU

Nov 13, 2017 | Map | Europe | Health

Eurostat has an interesting page were they describe how around 30 million people suffer from diabetes in the European Union. It's surprising how France is the country with the highest population of persons suffering the disease.

World Drug Related Deaths

Aug 21, 2017 | Map | World | Health

Last week a friend of mine an Anesthesiologist friend of mine was on TV discussing how in the US the opiods abuse has created a huge crisis. I was searching the web for statistics about this subject and I found a 2017 report published by the United Nations Office on drugs and crime that shows that the US indeed has the highest mortality rate related to drugs by far. Those deaths are related mainly to Opiods so the public discussion about this subject is definitely worth it.

Tobacco consumption per capita

Jun 01, 2017 | Maps | World | Health

Yesterday it was the No tobacco day, an event setup by the member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1987. This day serves as a good reminder about what is the tobacco consumption world wide. The dataset available in wikipedia shows that China is the biggest consumer in the world. Unfortunately this consumption is on the rise on the developing nations.

Polio Vaccination Coverage

Apr 13, 2017 | Map | World | Health

The world health organization has some datasets related to the immnunization coverage around the world.. The map above is generated with the estimates related to Polio. As you can see in the cases of Ukraine, Syria and South Sudan the conflicts don't only destroy people's lifes but also decreases the immunization coverage massively.

Percentage of Europeans that do excersise

Mar 5, 2017 | Maps | Europe | Health

Eurostats has an interesting dataset with the time spent excersising per country in Europe. It's not surprising that on the top of the list of the countries that excersises 2.5h or more are the Scandinavian countries: Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden are on the top of the list. Way to go Scandinavia!

Update on the Zika virus in America

Jun 18, 2016 | America | Chart | Health

According to the Panamerican Health Organization, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Martinique are the countries most affected by Zika, based on the cummulative incident suspected and confirmed cases. Brazil is by far the most affected country with more than 148k cases suspected and almost 40k cases confirmed.

Europe Death Statistics

Jun 8, 2016 | Europe | Chart | Health

Eurostat has a dataset with statistics on causes of death in the European Union (EU). The highest rate happened in the baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania and Heart disease is the leading cause of death across Europe.

The world is becoming obese

Apr 9, 2016 | World | Map | Chart | Health

A recent article published by the lancet magazine shows that obesity is becoming a real world health problem above the underweight issue. They used population-based data sources, with more than 19·2 million adult participants in 186 of 200 countries and found out that the number of obese people has increased from 105 million in 1975 to 641 million in 2014.

The world health organization also publishes data about Obesity and Overweight and the percentage of population with overweight (BMI > 25) is more than half of the population in almost all the industralized countries in the world:

This problem is particularly bad in the pacific islands.

Most And Less Common Blood Type

Mar 2, 2016 | World | Heatmap table | Health

When I was at school I learned the blood type 0+ was the most common one and AB- the rarest one. Wikipedia has a good article about this information with a breakdown by country.

O+ and A+ are the most common ones and AB- is the least common:.

Abortion Restriction Laws In The US

Feb 26, 2016 | Usa | Map | Health | Politics

The last episode of the excellent show Last Week tonight from John Oliver dealt with a very contentious issue in the US: <a href="". I really like the approach that he took on this matter, acknowledging there are different positions on this topic, but hammering the "hypocritical" laws that under the umbrella of protecting the "Women's health" target="_blank">The abortion laws crear barriers for people who need this medical procedure and unfortunately don't have the money to go somewhere else.

The next map shows the US states that had enacted laws to force the women requiring an abortion for see an ultrasound on the unwanted pregnancy:

Prevalence Of Aids / HIV

Feb 21, 2016 | South america | Map | Health

I saw an editorial piece last weekend on the guardian where the author asked the question: If condoms are OK for Zika, why not Aids, Pope Francis? and I thought it's true the HIV Virus / AIDS infection is rarely mentioned in the news nowadays. There have been a huge progress in the HIV / Aids treatments, since the times I was a medical student, but the prevalence of HIV (the percentage of a population that is affected with a the virus at a given time), is still bad, particularly in Subsaharian Africa:

2016 Outbreak Of The Zika Virus.

Jan 29, 2016 | South america | Health | Map

I have to confess I have never heard about the Zika virus, until it started to read about it in some Colombian newspapers articles a couple of weeks ago. The outbreak of this virus in South America and the Caribbean has been in the international news lately because the infection in pregnant women is unfortunately associated to microcephaly cases.

The incidence of those malformations have increased substantially in Brazil and it's apparently related to the Zika, so there are now travel warnings in place to the countries affected by this virus: