Impressionist Painting of Morges (AI)

Oct 19, 2023 | Painting | Switzerland | AI

A couple of days ago when I was coming back from work and I was arriving to the picturesque city where I live, I started to think: What would happen if I told one of the AI tools to paint this place using the impressionist technique, and then told it to describe it? Well here is the result of this experiment:

"In an impressionist painting of the Swiss town of Morges, we are transported to a tranquil and picturesque scene next to the pier of Lake Geneva. The essence of the Impressionist style is to capture the fleeting moment, the play of light and color, and the atmospheric ambiance. In this particular painting, the artist has masterfully conveyed these elements.

The canvas is alive with vibrant, dappled colors that dance across the scene. The shimmering waters of Lake Geneva, in soft shades of blues and greens, extend toward the horizon, creating a reflective surface that mirrors the world above. The surface of the lake is beautifully textured with strokes of various shades, conveying the rippling movement of the water..."

This is just an excerpt, because then the machine started to describe parts of Morges that are not in the painting, but still this visual and textual test was quite interesting.