Perfect sky shadow on a plane

Aug 14, 2017 | Picture | Sky | Basel

Yesterday before I boarded the plane, I noticed the sky was just beautiful with an amazing summer sunset. I started to climb the stairs and just before I entered the aircraft I was able to snap this quick shot throught a narrow gap in the door. Sometimes the light, time, station and weather is perfect for a picture like this.

Basel from the air

Jul 16, 2017 | Basel | Picture | Sky

Beautiful Sky in the Schönefeld Airport

Jun 20, 2017 | Picture | Berlin | Sky

Did ever tell you the Sky in Berlin can be amazing? Look at here yet another example. When I was about to board a plane a couple of days ago I observed this nice clouds decorating a nice warm summer night.

Yet Another Beautiful Berlin Sky

Oct 11, 2016 | Berlin | Picture | Sky

The sky in Berlin is not only amazing in Spring but it can be in Autumn as well. Yesterday a former colleague was visiting the office and when we went up to the terrace I had the chance to see this amazing sky.

Strausberger Platz

Jul 7, 2016 | Berlin | Picture | Sky

View of the TV Tower from the Strausberger Platz. Nice colors in the sky."

Another beautiful berlin sky

Jun 16, 2016 | Berlin | Picture | Sky

As I was mentioning a couple of days ago, the sky in Berlin during springtime is quite amazing!