Astonishing Catalonian Sunrise

Jul 11, 2023 | Picture | Catalunya | Spain

This morning when the sleepy town of Cubelles was starting to come to life and I went for walk in the fresh morning, I was lucky enough to experience this amazing view, while the first rays of sunlight started to pierce through the thin veil of clouds, creating the very interesting picture you can see above.

Heatwave in Europe

Jul 19, 2022 | Picture | Spain | Europe | Weather

These days I had the opportunity to visit the city of Cubelles, a catalan tourist town near Barcelona. I was very lucky to find an apartment very close to the beach and I have spent almost every day enjoying the sea, constantly refreshing myself.

But every time I watch the news I realize that I was lucky to spend my days there during the heat wave that is hitting Europe. There are roaring fires in many places in southern Europe, and on the other hand places where the summer is not particularly strong like the UK are experiencing record temperatures.

No comments. The Climate Change problem is already here :/

A week in Tenerife

Sep 25, 2016 | Picture | europe | spain

I didn't update this blog in the last week because we went with my GF to Tenerife and I decided to leave this computer back home to unplug for a while. We had a really amazing time in the biggest canary Island: The weather was warm but not scorching hot, the landscapes are really nice and quite different across the island, the seafood was so fresh and delicious and finally the people were extremely friendly. It was just great.

So of the highlights of the trip were (besides the stunning Teide you see in the picture above):

1- The nice town of La Otorava:

2- The picturesque town of San Andres where we stayed, and the nearby "Playa de las Teresitas":

3- Walking around in Santa Cruz:

4- The old town of Garachico and its natural rock swimming pools: